Saturday, March 13, 2010

serious, quite long time i ignored my lovely blog.. hahaha.. i'm so sorry.. i felt urr.. lazy? yeah, quite.. i was sitting in front of my com now, but youtube was my choice.. hehe.. watching arashi's pv, and live performances and what-so-ever about them.. but, i did not post any entries.. hehehe.. now, i stayed at my grandma's house and published my entries here.. my mom had some worked at SEMASHUR.. and, for your information, i had finished my PT (progress test) 1 at SAMBEST.. my Physics? I don't want to say anything.. Quite bad, but i'm fortunate i'm not failed.. hehehe.. overall, for me, this subject is the most terrifying.. hahaha.. i'm not so clever or genious to tell you guys in English, but, you just accepted it, ok? hehe.. i've one that i liked.. but, he didn't recognise me.. quite sad, but i still have ALLAH, family and ARASHI..hehe.. for this school holidays, i don't know what to do.. study? no no no.. haha.. even a story book i don't want to touch it.. wow.. cruel.. haha.. well, i just can post until here.. ha.. i'm in a mission to download ARASHI's mp3.. for now, there's only 3 songs.. hahaha.. don't worry, ganbatte fadhilah!! bye!